Submit a Maintenance Request (Mobile Friendly)

Use your phone to snap pictures of the issue quickly.

Submit a Neighbor Complaint (Mobile Friendly)

Use this if you have an issue with a neighbor.

Helisis Management
173 place Sainte-Famille
Montreal, QC
H2X 1W8

Business hours: MONDAY-FRIDAY, 10AM TO 6PM.
After hours: you may text/call the number, but no answer must be immediately expected.




An emergency is a defect that cannot wait until the next business day to be taken care of. If you see a fire or smell a gas leak, call 9-1-1 immediately! In the event of emergencies (major water leak, alarm...etc.), tenants may direct their calls to the following numbers:


I'm Locked Out!

If you are locked out and we must send someone over to open your door after hours, fees always apply. 


If you cannot reach any of these numbers, you can always direct your efforts towards the following organisations:

Gas Leaks (if you smell gas, or feel dizzy near a gas appliance);
Please dial 9-1-1 immediately. More information at the Gas Metro Official Website.

Please dial 9-1-1 immediately. Helisis Management is not responsible for theft in the building! Please keep all doors locked at all times when possible.

Major Noise disturbance
Try to speak to your neighbor, then dial 9-1-1 if no agreement can be reached. City regulations can be found on the Ville de Montreal Official Website.