Most repairs and maintenance are included in the service contract of your lease. The law in Quebec states that lesser maintenance repairs of a dwelling are the responsibility of the tenant, and that definition is relatively vague. However, in our case, everything is usually complimentary except for a few items:

Changing lightbulbs: Incandescent or LED- 5$ for new bulb and installation.  Halogen bulbs are difficult and potentially dangerous to install; therefore, we will replace them for no charge. Otherwise, we consider that you are able to replace a light bulb yourself.

Changing the battery in a smoke detector:  When you hear a chirping sound coming from a smoke detector, the battery needs to be changed.  We charge 5$ battery replacement fee which includes the price of the battery. You are responsible for maintaining a functional smoke detector at all times! The City has been known to fine tenants who did not maintain their smoke alarm.

Locked Out:  If a tenant needs key access to their apartment, there is a 25$ service fee to have the door opened by our staff.  This fee is raised to 50$ after 5pm.

Lost Key:  Tenants will be charged 25$ for each key lost that is requested.  Tenants must allow for 24hrs for us to have the key cut.

Laundry Cards: The company who operates the laundry machines, Coinamatic, sells the cards through us at 10$ each. Once you are done with the card, you can sell them to the next tenant, or return them back to Coinamatic, in which case they will refund you a portion of the cost.