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Author: Kai Zhang

Tenant Reference Letters


Renting season is almost here, and every year, our tenants ask us if we can provide them with a reference letter detailing their tenancy. This post is intended to help answer any questions regarding tenant reference you may have, in case you are considering finding a new apartment. Even if your new landlord does not require this, be assured that you are most likely not the only applicants and a good reference letter can give you an edge! Great apartment for students in the McGill University area are in great demand, and Helisis Management can help you get the apartment that you want.


A few things to keep in mind:

We believe in the quality of our tenants and our letters reflect this. However, there are things to keep in mind before asking us to issue one:

  • We cannot issue a letter of reference if you currently owe us any rent or if you are currently being claimed for any justifiable fees or damages to the apartment. As you are jointly responsible for your lease, you and your roommates must both be in good standing financially! This is the most important criteria.
  • A letter of reference is free of charge. There are no fees.
  • It can take any time from one to two weeks before the letter is issued, so please ask in advance!
  • Please send your request to Hannah at hannah@helisis.ca. Please include  your apartment number and your full name in the title. We will issue one letter per tenant. However,
  • As we have many tenants and many requests to process, again, please make your demand early!


Good luck,